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Amputee & Prosthetics

At First Step Physical Therapy, we specialize in prosthetic and amputee rehabilitation. First Step PT Amputee ProstheticFor long-term quality of life, it is important that your rehab team includes a physical therapist that has the expertise to effectively address all aspects of your rehabilitation. Through a combination of unique education, clinical experience, specialized treatment approaches, and equipment, we are able to guide patients through their recovery in order to achieve their maximum potential.

Early in your recovery, physical therapy will focus on promoting healing of the limb through education on skin care, positioning, and protection of the limb. During this stage of healing, you will also work to maintain your range of motion, thereby preventing contractures, and improving strength and endurance.

First Step PT Amputee Prosthetic

Once you are fitted with a prosthesis, your therapy will focus on learning how to utilize your new prosthetic in order to regain your mobility. The use of our overhead support track system allows our patients to learn how to walk again with their prosthetic in a safe and secure environment, eliminating their risk and fear of falling. This increases their confidence and allows them to concentrate on the task at hand. Through strengthening, balance, coordination, and endurance exercises, you will learn how to control your new leg and gain confidence with its use. Specialized gait training and prosthetic training is incorporated in order to reestablish an independent, normalized walking pattern.

At First Step Physical Therapy, we feel that rehabilitation does not end once you are able to walk with your prosthetic, but instead strive to see you return to your prior level of function, including occupational and recreational activities. During this phase of your rehab, we incorporate higher level interventions geared toward regaining more demanding activities like kneeling and running, allowing you to make a comprehensive recovery.

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